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Buy credit cards with high limit full info
__________Hello Everyone__________

I'm hacker and big seller my name is Sc Bruce am Vendor all the world underground
Having experience information technology

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I only sell cvv & dumps quality,high balance,good fresh and cheap all country live 100% Counrys instock : us-uk-denmark-france-germany-brazil-spain-italy-canada-japan and inter need buy.I have sold to many customers worldwide and has created reputation for them.I need customer business long time with me, buy cvv from me only good..never bad.If you really trust and want buy cvv dumps from good hacker contact me never beg for test if you are real buyer i cross my heart i never let you down you will never lose anyting trust is the answer My cvv and dumps can use dating site and cash out good balance

 There are many ways for scammers to swipe some card details at cashpoints and elsewhere, and the interview on this entry about card skimming is particularly interesting in terms of how the stolen data moves around (especially the debunking of the urban legend that typing your PIN into an ATM backwards in an emergency alerts the Police – it doesn’t).

It’s a hop, step and jump from stolen real world data to online reselling of said pilfered accounts, and one of the easiest ways for people to jump onto this particularly naughty bandwagon is through Carding forums. These are underground sites where people ensure that stolen data works, then purchase it before reselling themselves, or spending as much money as they can to buy that sweet gold plated yacht they always wanted.

Getting yourself on the carding ladder can be bad for your long term “Stay out of prison” health. While you can take a gamble and reply to the odd carding missive arriving in your mailbox, it’s not a good idea as more often than not you’ll end up out of pocket while potentially breaking a laundry list of laws in your local area. Typically any carding sites overtly generating attention via random spam blasts don’t tend to stick around too long, and they normally try to be at least a little bit discreet.

 Ymail [email protected]
 ICQ: 449842
 Gmail [email protected]


My normal cc info only fullz have all info


My products for sale: Sell fresh good balance CC, Dumps,track1&2, Physical Dump Card I am verified vendor supply good & quality CVV for shipping
My motto is Alway make customers satisfied & happy ! To be a real & verified cvv vendor is not easy Contact me to negotiate about the price if buying bulk. I really need more serious buyers to do long business.
You will be given many endow when we have long time business,you do good for me, I do good for u too. Long & good business.This is all I need Before add my ID, PLS read my RULEs carefull, so we can save more time, avoid wasting time

Replacement policy for DECLINED dumps:


You can get classic, gold, platinum, world, business, signature  etc. If this is your first time you may want to get classic and start by shopping for low end items. IE anything under $200-$500. Now classics working not good and will go for 1 or 3 times that but the general rule of thumb is under $300 and you should be okay. Gold and Platinum for items above $500 but say to $1,000 and Business, Signature $1,000 and above. These are just suggestions and not hard rules.

Track 1 and 2 or just Track2 – you can get from Last Carding Service both. If you just have track2 only you can generate track 1 with PCKit-track1 generator. You will want to encode both tracks to your card. Making sure to change the name on the dump. Some stores only use track2 but it’s best to stay safe and encode both.


Affter you payment for me with Bitcon or Perfect money wait some minutes i check and send Dumps
Refund time 24 hr affter you get Dumps i have bin BUSINESS,PLATINUM,SIGNATURE...CODE 101 201 121 CREDIT DEBIT
You buy 5 dumps will a best price . i am sure my dumps i sell good valid 99%

You of course change the name on track1 to your Novelty last name and first name

Plastic cards to put dumps on: Okay again never use your own card to encode onto, just not the best idea. You can get cards from just about anywhere, some drugstores sell prepaid cc’s, you can try that or get a Visa or MasterCard branded gift card. Most malls carry this type of GiftCard. Simon Cards have been used a lot in the past so I would suggest staying clear of those. The best way Buy from plastic vendor

1. Don't Spam & Don't Scam! Fuck scammers ! I very hate do spam or rip and I don't want who spam me
If u are scammer, wanna cheat my CC, so pls forget this. I have worked in this job for 8 years and it is enough to know all of u. Be care me

2. I only work with one slogan: always prestige and quality to satisfy my clients !!!

3. I was so happy to see you seriously wanna make more big money from the business with me
Once you trust me, work with me & we can have LONG TERM DEAL. Sure !
If not trust,dont contact me, dont waste time!

4. Once u be my custom, patron, u will be given many preferential treatments, such as : discount, received extra CC, commission,...etc !
*** NOTE: Anyone who recommend friends to me or Like us on G+, YOU also will be given interesting gifts. Example: 1 person = 5 random cc; Voucher Discount;.... ( Contact to know more details)

5. All my CVV are tested before sell, that's sure. Even this, I also apply replacement policy in some special cases. CC warranted

6. I accept PM ( Perfect Money), BTC ( Bitcoin),or MG ( Money Gram) payment methods


Track 1 & 2 * Countrys instock
Tracks 1&2 CHINA
Tracks 1&2 HONGKONG
Tracks 1&2 US
Tracks 1&2 UK
Tracks 1&2 CA
Tracks 1&2 EU
Tracks 1&2 aus
Tracks 1&2 japan
Tracks 1&2 italy
And other countrys
I Will check with high balance

 Ymail [email protected]
 ICQ: 449842
 Gmail [email protected]


Terms & Conditions:-
No Test / No Free / No Sample Dumps
I sell only fresh , first hand dumps .
Base update every 5-6 days, so stuff is always fresh.
Replacement time is 24 hours, I replace only really not working dumps, if dumps
not working whis reason REGION BLOCK (CODE 05) I don't replace


You also can work with my boys they also sell bank logs and paypal


Cvv Dumps Track 1/2 pin SMTP/Mail/Lead acc Paypal Do Transfer WU/Bank itune gift card Bank login Ship Iphone/Laptop/Ipad Exchange
Cvv Dumps Track 1/2 pin SMTP/Mail/Lead acc Paypal Do Transfer WU/Bank itune gift card Bank login Ship Iphone/Laptop/Ipad Exchange
Cvv Dumps Track 1/2 pin SMTP/Mail/Lead acc Paypal Do Transfer WU/Bank itune gift card Bank login Ship Iphone/Laptop/Ipad Exchange
Cvv Dumps Track 1/2 pin SMTP/Mail/Lead acc Paypal Do Transfer WU/Bank itune gift card Bank login Ship Iphone/Laptop/Ipad Exchange

Transsfer : US,AU,EU,UK,CA,France,Italy,Germany and very easy to cashout African.
We come back, ready do WU transsfer and sell for everyone cash out.
This is list price : ( minimum $800, max $4000 )

1 : you pay $100 for you cash out $800
2 : you pay $120 for you cash out $1000
3 : you pay $220 for you cash out $2000
4 : you pay $320 for you cash out $3000
5 : you pay $400 for you cash out $4000
Give me your wesstern union info and payment me fee transsfer's
Then i will do transsfer's for you, After about 30 mins you'll have MTCN and sender name + country sender

Here they contact

This ICQ Is for Jenny That my little girl 814099

And this is Up To date my second boy ICQ 817532

You guys can add THEM


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